In this post I report how people are embracing liberty right now. Please comment about any worthy activities or ideas I neglect. I particularly need help with things going on in places like NH, Asheville, and Michigan. On the other hand, I purposely neglect outreach efforts, as there are too many and they are well established, less in need of promotion and nurturing. Cryptocurrency is another large relevant area that doesn’t seem to need my help. The areas that particularly interest me include moving for freedom, tools and infrastructure for organizing, antifragility, copology, peaceful parenting, and statism detox. First, here are some other people who seem to want to lead cheers in the area of doing rather than (or in addition to) talking:

Jeffrey Tucker created, always writing about people finding new opportunities to cooperate without permission slips.
Max Borders has his Voice and Exit thing going.
James Howe is an writer who thinks we should get moving.
Michael Wagner is an writer with plenty of enthusiasm. He recommends homeschooling, medical care, poverty (don’t need to pay income tax if your income is low enough), boycotting the postal service, etc.

Alan is an writer with some ideas available now.
Wesley Bruce is an writer interested in assurance contracts.

Move for freedom
FSP Is organizing 20,000 liberty lovers to move to New Hampshire.
Seasteaders want to colonize the ocean.
Mark Edge’s “move here project” Facebook page lists various projects to concentrate liberty-oriented people geographically.

Tools and infrastructure for organizing

Bob Podolsky wrote a book titled “Flourish” about working in non-hierarchical structures.
Rick Falkvinge wrote “Swarmwise” to summarize his experience organizing volunteers online.
Free/Open source software development combines work from volunteers and paid contributors to complex software projects such as the Linux kernel.
Free Keene share some of their tools.

adaptability, antifragility, contagiousness, prepping, DIY
The transition to a free society will require flexibility. We need to be able to use conventional Internet or mesh, conventional power or off the grid, etc., not “optimized” for business as usual, antifragile, ready to adapt to new circumstances.

Ernest Hancock’s Declare Your Independence podcast seems to take this approach often.

Copblock organizes people who want to use video to hold police accountable.
Photography is not a crime is a website documenting problems encountered by photographers.
LEAP is an organization of law enforcement officers who oppose the drug war.

Peaceful parenting/unschooling
Okay, something should be here. Help me?

Statism detox/family detox/conventional thinking detox
How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
Wes Bertrand will have a new book coming out soon.
Stefan Molyneux often discusses issues of psychology and self-knowledge in his call-in shows.