Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
-Robert J. Hanlon

I don’t worry about secret government conspiracies. It’s the ones they brag about that bother me.

Must a libertarian accept the idea that the politicians and their wealthy contributors inevitably lie when they discuss what they want to accomplish and why they want it? Could they really be so effective at getting re-elected, raising campaign donations, logrolling, deal making, gerrymandering, etc. and yet so ineffective at legislating? Perhaps those things affect their survival more. Perhaps legislating requires more wisdom than those other things. Perhaps legislating effectively and actually accomplishing the many ambitions of the people using the blunt instrument available to legislators requires more wisdom than any human could supply.
Congress critters that can’t get reelected don’t stay in Congress long. What force removes the self-deluded from that institution?