What ideas have to change in people’s minds before we can start the real experiment? What phases will our minds go through?

I’ve had a small epiphany, though not a good one. I’ve been thinking, influenced by Ben Stone & others, maybe Larken Rose, Michael Huemer, Stefan Molyneux, that the heart of the problem is in the beliefs embraced by ordinary people. Get them to reject the legitimacy of government authority, and the government must change. This is true, as far as it goes, but there’s more to it. There are countries now, China comes to mind, where the government lacks any legitimacy in the minds of ordinary people, yet the state manages to carry on regardless. Black markets and system D are booming, but does that accomplish anything?
The state has a safety net of intimidation behind its framework of legitimacy. When people stop thinking “We are all better off with them in charge, this is the right way to do things,” they tend to start thinking instead, “I am afraid to disobey, those guys will pound me into mush.” As long as the obedience continues, the problem remains.
Sure, the situation becomes less stable, and a crisis or collapse seems more likely, but nothing prevents a new gang from stepping in, especially if they have some good PR going and build up a bit of legitimacy.
And even if the obedience stops, what takes its place in the minds of ordinary people? For Agorism to work, undermining the legitimacy and credibility of coercion is just the first step. People need more than a willingness to disobey tyrants. People need to have the tools on hand that can make the rebirth of the coercive institutions obviously unnecessary. We need existing parallel ways of doing things that can take over the burden from the state, whether the state suddenly collapses or just slowly decays. If our new arrangements have not been tested and put in place before we need them, they will be too late. When the opportunity comes, it will be sudden and will not wait while we fiddle.
Maybe this was all there already in Konkin’s work, and I just didn’t put the pieces together before. Bitcoin & kickstarter give me hope.